Christmas Limericks

While chasing a fisky young riendeer

I heard a loud raucous cheer

I took time to pause

To see old Santa Claus

Who’d lost Rudolph whose job was to steer

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My Christmas Tree Is Up!!

On Sunday Mum and  I decorated our Christmas tree.  First  I separated the Christmas balls.  Then I did the nativity scene. Mum put tinsel around the wood.  Mum , my brother and I decorated the tree.

Solar System Facts


A Special Star

When you look at the sky on a cloudless night you see stars.  They are far far away.  However one star is very close to us. That star is the sun.

Uranus, named after the Roman god of sky. Uranus lies 98 degrees of orbital plane with the sun.

The gravity of earth is 9.807.



Today in art we were drawing a portrait of ourselves.  But there is a trick -you have to make it out of fruit and vegetables. You have to think about what fruit and vegetables to use. I still need to do my hair.

If you have any ideas just put it in a comment.

P.S. Thankyou.


On Friday the 11th of Nov my family went to Echuca. I played on the slide and went on the rock wall.  We unpacked everything. Then we had fish and chips.  Then the next day we walked around Echuca played games and went home.

How to make teddy bears hand in hand

How to make teddy bears hand- in- hand.


*Sticky tape



1.Fold the paper in half longways.

2.Cut in the middle of the fold.

3.Glue the two ends together.

4.Fold the paper short ways.

5.Draw a teddy bear on the front making sure the picture goes to the folded edges.

6.Cut on the drawn lines.

7.Unfold to reveal .

My Weekend Recount

On Saturday night  I cooked risotto. My Mum helped me a little bit.  Mum and my sister ate salmon. Dad ate blue fish and I ate risotto.

I woke up and it was Sunday. I ate breakfast , brushed my teeth  and got changed. I walked to nan’s house.  At two o’clock my bother came home.

I enjoyed my weekend.

What I Did In Art

Today the 17\10\2016 I had  Art.   I started doing weaving.  We have to make a bowl. All you need is a pencil, ruler, scissors, paper  plate & wool. I’ m still up to making the 5cm space. I got a bit confused. I know that the bowl will look good.

My Holiday

On the holidays I went with my friends from Greek school to a film in the cinemas. It was the Secret Life of Pets.  My favourite character was Snowball.  My absolute favourite scene was when Snowball said “That Racoon is lying.  He ain’t the President.”  After we had pizza.  It was delicious.  YUM yum!!  Then we did some music.  Dad drove home then I fell asleep.





Dance Festival!

Dance Festival!

Today all the grades 6,5,4,3,2,1  and prep had a dance festival. I’m in grade 3.We did 7 different dances.  We did the Heel & Toe, Hokey Pokey, Chicken dance, CC shuffle, Swing line dance, a choregraphed dance by some of the girls and the Nut Bush.

P.S. We were out of uniform! Yepee.